PC configuration and assembly

Are you looking for a new PC? For gaming, work from home or just casual use? We can assist you in the whole process.
We will note your budget, wishes and demands and tailor a custom solution.

Greenfield Tech Solutions can assist in the following:

  • Determine the best option (Chromebook, laptop, pre-built or custom built)
  • Generate an easy orderlist with links to order all the necessary parts
  • Build the PC
  • Install software and set it up
  • OVerclock the CPU/GPU/RAM
  • Solve hardware issues
  • Solve software issues

With the current state of the market because of chip shortages and inflated prices, we can also assist with finding second hand parts. We will test these parts to be sure they are working correctly. Even with limited budget a decent game PC is in your grasp.

Click here to see a few PC’s we helped configure and assemble.